G a K

Gastric Disorders B18 B19 B21 VB34 VB40 F14 VG9
Gastric Reflux VC15
Gastric Ulcer VC12
Gastroesophageal Reflux VB23 VB24 VC9
Gastrointestinal Disorders 1 IG10 E21 E25 E36 BP4 BP5 B19 B20 B21
Gastrointestinal Disorders 2 B22 PC7 VC12 VC13
Gastrointestinal Disorders Acute BP3 PC3
Genital Diseases VC1
Genital Itching C8 R2 R6 F5 F8 VC3
Genital Pain 1 E30 BP6 BP9 B36 B52 B54 R11 R12 F1
Genital Pain 2 F3 F4 F5 F8 F12 VC2 VC3
Genital Pain and Retraction R11
Genital Penis Pain P7 E29
Genital Swelling E30 B28 B52 F1 F8
Genitals Itch VC7
Gluteal Muscle Pain B36 B54
Goiter IG11 IG16 E9 ID17 TA10 TA13 VC22
Grief P7 B42
Grief and Sadness E14
Groin Itches C8
Groin Pain VB30
Growths P1
Gum Disorders TA2 VC24
Gum Pain and Swelling VB9
Gum Pain and Swelling and Redness VG28
Gynecological Disorders BP12 VC2
Halitosis PC8
Hand Dorsal Inflammation IG3
Hand Inability to Grip Firmly ID7
Hand Numbness IG9 C3
Hand Pain C3 ID5 TA2 TA8
Hand Tremor C3 PC3 TA5
Headache 01 P6 P7 P9 IG4 IG5 IG7 E2 E8 E9
Headache 02 E40 E41 BP3 ID1 ID3 ID4 B1 B2 B3
Headache 03 B4 B5 B6 B7 B10 B11 B12 B19 B22
Headache 04 B58 B59 B60 B62 B64 B65 B66 B67 PC1
Headache 05 PC9 TA1 TA2 TA3 TA5 TA12 TA16 TA18 TA19
Headache 06 TA21 TA22 TA23 VB1 VB3 VB5 VB6 VB7 VB9
Headache 07 VB10 VB11 VB12 VB13 VB15 VB16 VB18 VB19 VB20
Headache 08 VB31 VB37 VB39 VB41 VB43 VB44 F2 F3 F8
Headache 09 VG4 VG13 VG15 VG16 VG17 VG18 VG19 VG20 VG22
Headache 10 VG23
Headache Frontal B2 B4 VB14 VG24
Headache Lateral B62
Headache Midline B62 VB20
Headache Migraine E8 PC6 TA9 TA10 VB37 VB38 VB39 VB43
Headache Occipital B10 VB41 VG15
Headache One-Sided VB17
Headache Splitting VG4
Headache Temporal VB4 VB8
Headache Tensional B9
Headache Unilateral TA10 VB38
Headache Vertex R1 VG20 VG21
Headache with Chills B11
Headache with Dizziness C3 B56
Headache with Heaviness TA22
Hearing Loss TA7 TA18 TA19 VB20 VB43
Hearing Loss Sudden TA16
Heart Pain VC11
Heat in the Body Like Fire C9
Heat in the Soles of the Feet B67
Heat Stroke R1 PC3 VC6 VG14
Heaviness of the Head B59 VB8 VG17
Heaviness of the Head and Neck B9
Heel Pain B57 B60 B61 R4
Hematuria P7 IG8 BP1 B23 B27 F1 VC4
Hemiplagia 1 IG9 VB32 VG16 P7 IG4 IG11 IG15 E36 E37
Hemiplegia 2 BP6 ID6 B7 B40 R6 TA5 VB2 VB20 VB21
Hemiplegia 3 VB30 VB31 VB34 VB38 VB39 VG20 VC24
Hemoptysis R4
Hemorrhage Chronic B20
Hemorrhage Postpartum VC4 VC6
Hemorrhoids 1 P6 BP3 BP4 BP5 B24 B27 B29 B35 B36
Hemorrhoids 2 B40 B54 B56 B57 B58 VB39 VG1 VG2 VG6
Hemorrhoids 3 VG20 VC1
Hepatobiliary Disorders VB24
Hernia 1 E26 E28 E29 E30 BP6 BP13 BP14 B29 B30
Hernia 2 B32 R9 R10 VB26 VB27 F3 VC4 VC5 VC6
Hernia Pain BP12 F1 F2 F4 F5 F12
Herpes Zoster VB40
Hiccough 1 E13 E34 E36 BP18 B16 B17 B46 R18 PC6
Hiccough 2 VB23 F14 VC17 VC22
Hip Joint Mobility Decreased B40
Hip Movement Decreased B53 F10 F11
Hip Movement Inhibited BP12
Hip Pain B30 VB30
Holds the Blood B20
Hypersalivation R18 R21
Hypertension 1 IG11 IG15 E9 E36 BP6 R1 TA5 VB20 VB34
Hypertension 2 VB43 VB44 F2 F3 VG14 VG20
Hypertonicity of the Jaws TA22
Hypochondriac Region Fullness C1 VG9
Hypochondriac Region Pain 1 C3 C7 ID4 B18 B19 B21 PC6 PC7 TA5
Hypochondriac Region Pain 2 TA6 TA10 VB26 VB34 VB38 VB39 VB40 VB41 VB43
Hypochondriac Region Pain 3 VB44 F2 F3 F13 F14
Hypochondriac Region Swelling F3
Hypogastric Distention and Fullness E27
Hypogastric Fullness F10
Hypogastric Pain R11 F6 F12
Hypogastric Pain Twisting VC4
Hypotension E9 VG25
Hysteria E43 C4 C7 C8 PC5 PC6 VG12
Iliac Region Pain E32
Impotence 1 E29 E30 BP6 B23 B31 B32 B35 B52 R3
Impotence 2 R10 R11 R12 F8 VG1 VG3 VG4 VC2 VC3
Impotence 3 VC4 VC6
Inability to Swallow Food PC8
Inability to turn over when Lying Down BP19
Indigestion 1 IG10 E23 E34 E36 BP2 BP4 BP5 B21 VB40
Indigestion 2 F14 VC12 VC13 VC14
Induces Labor IG4 BP6
Infertility 1 E25 E28 E29 E30 BP6 R1 R2 R13 R18
Infertility 2 F11 VC3 VC4 VC6 VC7
Influences all Yin Organs VC15
Inguinal Lymphadenitis E31
Inguinal Region Pain and Swelling BP11
Inhibits Uterine Bleeding B55 R8
Inner Canthus Redness and Pain R15
Insomnia 1 P3 E16 BP6 C7 B15 B62 R3 R6 PC4
Insomnia 2 PC5 PC6 PC7 VB12 VB20 VB23 VB44 F2 F3
Insomnia 3 VG14 VG18 VG19 VG24
Insomnia with Fear E27
Intercostal Neuralgia C3 TA6 VB43 VG9 VC17
Intestinal Cramping B56
Intestinal Disorders 1 IG4 IG11 E25 E36 E37 E44 BP3 BP9 BP15
Intestinal Disorders 2 B20 B22 B25 B27 B39 VB26 VG4 VC4 VC6
Intestinal Disorders 3 VC12
Intestinal Pain VC11
Irregular Defecation B48
Irritable C7 B11 B15 PC3 TA1
Itching VB31 F5
Jaundice 1 E36 BP4 BP5 BP9 ID1 ID4 B18 B19 B20
Jaundice 2 B22 B48 B49 R2 PC6 VB23 VB24 VB34 F3
Jaundice 3 F4 F13 VG6 VG9 VC12 VC13 VC14
Jaw Disorders 1 P7 IG1 IG10 IG19 E6 E7 ID5 ID9 ID11
Jaw Disorders 2 TA17 TA21 VB2 VB43 VG20 VG26
Jaws Clenched E5
Joint Pain F6
Joint Wind with Sweating VB4
Knee Disorders 1 E32 E34 E35 E36 BP9 B11 B23 B40 B52
Knee Disorders 2 R10 VB33 VB34 VB37 VB39 F8 VG3
Knee Pain BP7 B61
Knee Pain and Swelling VB35